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Basic chemical industry: chemicals prices continued to rebound

We monitor the latest citic built for chemical industry climate index is 8.99, average 4.49; Basic chemical index (citic) secondary market last week rose 3.56%, up 0.49% on the Shanghai stock exchange, Brent oil prices on Friday at $113.3 a barrel, up 0.08%, weekly decline by 1.78%. As a new money out and a success rate low, ease tensions in the second half of the week in the secondary market funds, short-term from playing new secondary market will gradually eliminate the disturbance factors. We monitor the citic built for chemical sentiment has for five consecutive weeks to maintain positive, at the bottom of the economic base established, but affected by the low season, the strength is still weak; In the future, the chemical industry as the macroeconomic recovery, industry demand will be recovered, but the industry is in the off-season, we believe that the prices were rising trend are much less likely, waiting for the peak season demand price rebound. At present, ?